Club Calimera Serra Palace

Turkish Mediterranean Coast

Unwind and relax between the Taurus mountain range and the extension of the Cleopatra beach. Become enchanted by the Turkish Riviera on your family vacation, singles vacation, beach vacation, or on your affordable club vacation. The Turkish Riviera is located in front of the impressive 2000 km-long backdrop of the majestic Taurus mountain range and features an unrivaled, beautiful landscape covered with lush fruit plantations, cotton fields, and pine tree forests. For lovers of sun, beach, and ocean, the Turkish Riviera with its 300 sunny days per year is the perfect location for a beach vacation, a diving vacation, or a family vacation with children’s entertainment. Pleasant water temperatures up until late fall and wide sand/gravel beaches as well as secluded bays invite you to spend carefree vacation days on the turquoise ocean, as the Turkish Riviera offers the best conditions for a perfect beach vacation. How about an affordable club vacation with children’s entertainment while getting to know the country and its people? We make it possible! Interesting excursions, such as a trip to Pamukkale or to one of the antic sites (e.g. Perge and Aspendos) will turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure.

Book your trip to Turkey and spend your vacation with children in Side, which is a pretty town founded by the Greeks in the 7th century B.C. Nowadays, Side is a lively, Mediterranean vacation resort, which features long, flatly-descending sand beaches, which are ideal for children. Alongside the harbor, you will find numerous restaurants and typical taverns. The old amphitheatre is especially worth visiting. The destination is not only suited for family vacations with children’s entertainment, beach vacations, or affordable club vacations, Side offers the perfect conditions – all those who like it a little more lively on their singles vacation, group vacation, or party vacation will fully enjoy this place.

Another specialty of the Turkish Riviera is the fact that a relatively great many of hotels are owned by women, since the Turkish men formerly used to think that beach property was low in value (not suitable for agriculture) and therefore bequeathed it to women. One could assume that the female leadership of the hotels is the reason for the fact that hotels around Side are of a high quality.

One of these high quality resorts is the 4,5 star resort Club Calimera Kaya Side, where you will be able to enjoy a club vacation with competent and professional children’s entertainment and an extensive active and entertainment program for an affordable price. Book your trip now and enjoy your beach vacation on the Turkish Riviera with its beautiful beaches, ample sun, and turquoise-blue ocean.