Club Calimera Urlaubsort Bulgarien

Club Calimera in Bulgaria

With its stunning monasteries and churches, archaeological resources, historical treasures, national parks and caves, Bulgaria is a fascinating travel destination. The Greeks, Romans and Byzantines all left behind great cultural and historical legacies in the country: Bulgaria has nine sites accorded World Heritage status by UNESCO due to their uniqueness.

In the 7th century, Bulgar tribes belonging to the Turkic peoples conquered the territory of Bulgaria. In the 11th century, Bulgaria fell under Byzantine rule for more than 150 years. The following Second Bulgarian Empire lasted until the end of the 14th century; the country was then subsumed by the Ottoman Empire for almost 500 years. Bulgaria’s more recent history began in 1944 when the USSR declared war on Bulgaria and the Fatherland Front took power. In 1989, a process of democratization began and was consistently pursued during the following years. Bulgaria became a NATO member in 2004 and was admitted to the EU in 2007.

The tourist areas are located only a few kilometres apart in the vicinity of the beautiful Black Sea port city of Varna in the eastern part of Bulgaria. Among numerous holiday destinations, Golden Sands, also known as the ‘Riviera of Bulgaria’, is the pearl of all resorts. The kilometre-long, golden sand beach is one of the most beautiful in Europe. The beach promenade offers numerous cafés, restaurants and shopping facilities. It also boasts a beautiful hinterland with vineyards, orchards and forests, inviting visitors to hike and walk.

The hotels in the area’s resorts have a modern standard. Playgrounds and children's pools, some of which include extra play areas, make for a child-friendly environment. Sports enthusiasts can make use of a broad range of activities, from various water sports to tennis and horseback riding. Some hotels come with fitness rooms and additionally offer spa treatments. All in all, Bulgaria is the ideal holiday destination for young and old, families and singles with children.

The well-known and popular seaside region of Sunny Beach is located between Burgas and Varna. It’s only four kilometres away from the historical town of Nessebar, which is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city, named Mesambria in antiquity, was already founded in the second century AD.