Club Calimera Sport & Entertainment

Discover new activities together or try out a new sport.

Ideal for a fun-filled holiday!

For program highlights and dates, you can directly refer to the club pages where you can also find the specifications in which season - summer or winter - the events take place.

Play big! What is played as boccia and petanque sport at specified places, gets an entirely new dimension as Crossboccia. This trend sport is based on the principles of the traditional version, but can be played anywhere - whether indoors or outdoors, at the beach or in the hallway. There are no limits to your playful creativity.

KUBB Viking Chess
This skill game from the far north can literally be played “until you drop”. 2 teams, each with up to 6 players, try to to "cases", ie knocking down the wooden blocks (block = Kubb) by throwing woods. Finally, it should hit the King. The team who has taken down all Kubbs and the king first, should be celebrated as a winner at the hotel bar.

Language lessons
A new language can be learned best while being on vacation. Because you are relaxed on the one hand and on the other you can also try out immediately what you have learned. 1 x per week the animation team provides simple language lessons in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Having fun is most important. It's about a handful of useful words in the local language of your holiday country. The course usually takes place at the “country place & people day”.

Aqua Fit
This sport will give you a boost. Enjoy rhythmic, healthy and gentle on the joints exercises virtually weightless. Aqua fitness uses the resistance of the water and focuses on strength, endurance and mobility. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system. At the same time the burden on the joints or for the spine can be greatly reduced in water.

Family Day
The whole family is part of our famous family day - no matter how big your family is - fun is guaranteed for everyone! No matter if hotel-rallye or family-olympic games – all activities include adults and children in one team. Part of the event is the whole entertainment-team - due to that on this special day (once every two weeks during school holiday) no other program is available. 

Sports @ Night
After sunset it gets really sporty at Calimera once more. Whether volleyball night tournament, water polo tournament, darts, fitness, etc. - as soon as it gets dark, the whole entertainment team gets you going. It takes place one time per week.

Calimera Friends
After our evening shows the conversation just goes on. One evening per week, Calimera Friends invites all fans after the show to a social gathering. This is a great opportunity for picking up a partner for Skat, tennis etc., share your experiences from Calimera or just find nice holiday acquaintances or ... Calimera Friends always think of something beautiful.