1. Luxor. This excursion includes a visit to the graves at the "Valley of the Kings". You will also admire the Temple of Hatschesput and visit the temple of Karnak. Followed by a crossing of river Nil by boat. Price: 101 Euros per person.

2. Sataya. This is an individual 2-day excursion to untouched coral reefs in the south of Egypt. Seven amazing coral banks await you at the lagoons' entrance. Swim with dolphins in the wild, see beautiful corals, schools of fish and turtles - a unique experience! Price: 76 Euros per adult, including meals, excluding equipment. 

3. Super Safari. Departure just after Lunch. Speedy Jeep- and Quadtrip through the desert. Ride on a "ship of the desert" and experience life and craftmanship of the Bedouins. Diner and drinks under the stars included. Price: 61 Euros per adult.

All excursions can be direcly booked on site with your DER Touristik tourist guide. 


1. Perfume: pure oil essences gained by hand from oasis'. 30 ml from 20 Euros.

2. Spices und Tea for example hollyhocks or hibiscus tea. 250 gr. blossoms from 5 Euros.

3. Papyrus scroll or Images depending on size - from 5 Euros.